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Quality politics
"At CORPDISPLAY we are committed to identifying and meeting the requirements and needs of our customers in the manufacture of equipment for handling products, materials, components and sub-components through human talent and teamwork, as well as continuous improvement of the processes and of our Quality Management System. "

Environment policy
EXHIBITION SYSTEMS OF NORTEAMERICA, S.A. DE C.V .. as a company at the service of its customers and the communities where it develops its works and projects, is committed to carrying out its activities in harmony with the environment, considering the following principles:

  • Establish a Management System that allows the detection, evaluation and control of environmental impacts through management processes based on the education and commitment of each of our employees.
  • Consider the protection of the environment along with productivity, quality and safety as a single unified priority, regardless of the work or place where it is executed.
  • Comply with the laws, regulations and norms related to environmental care and other requirements to which the company subscribes.
  • Disseminate this commitment to the community where our activities are carried out, maintaining a permanent dialogue with the interested parties.
  • Extend the culture of protecting the environment to the community, to our suppliers, contractors and customers.
  • Adopt a proactive attitude of prevention and anticipation in relation to the protection of man and the environment, setting objectives and goals.
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance by adopting technologies that the Company has at its disposal to reduce or eliminate the impact that we could generate in the air, water or soil during the course of our activities.
  • Periodically evaluate compliance with the provisions of this Environmental Policy.

It is the responsibility of all levels of command to ensure that the Policy
Environmental is understood, applied and sustained by all the personnel of the Company.

Security policy
EXHIBITION SYSTEMS OF NORTEAMERICA, S.A. DE C.V .. defines a prevention policy to develop all its work activities within the framework of adequate working conditions and safety.
From this policy it arises that:

  • 1. All accidents can and should be prevented.
  • 2. The causes that generate the accidents can be eliminated or controlled.
  • 3. The prevention of accidents at work is an irrevocable social obligation of all the personnel of the company, whatever their merger and of those who are temporarily in it, constituting, in addition, a condition of employment.
  • 4. The prevention of risks at work along with quality, costs and service constitute a single unified priority.

It will be the duty of all the members of our Company to ensure compliance with the Safety Standards established to achieve the well-being and development of each one and of those who are part of their work community.
To achieve this end, they reaffirm their responsibilities:
  • * Apply the current Safety Standards and operating practices.
  • * Assume safe attitudes in all circumstances.
  • * Participate in programs related to the prevention of accidents at work and the environment.
  • * Ensure the maintenance of order and cleanliness as a basic condition on which all security actions are based.

It is the responsibility of all levels of command to comply with the principles and Safety Regulations for the individual and group good in order to prevent work accidents.